Thursday, September 27, 2007

Michele & Brians vacation

Clearing the land
Burning stuff..
Camper, Michele, & Luke (Brian is taking the photos)

Camper, Michele & Luke, truck again :-} still no Brian

Another photo of Brian's truck, Michele & Luke, and their camper..but still no Brian

Hello, this is Mary Michele's Mama. Brian and Michele have bought land in Southern Ohio. Part of the land has been cleared, gravel has been put down. Now they are on vacation camping on their land! How cool is that. Saturday Brain and Michele will go to the the Barnseville pumpkin festival.. Hope they have a great time!


carole said...

O my goodness, how cool is that? Like pioneers!!! This is truly exciting for a city girl like me to witness this ground breaking!!!
Okay, Michele & Brian (whom I still have not seen) make sure they will be room for California folk to visit next year!!!
Peace on Earth (Southern Ohio)

marylou said...

What beautiful country!! I love to go camping, but like you, in a comfortable camper or trailer:) I think I am gettin' too old for the tent dealy:-) Keep us posted!!
Hugs, Marylou